DingTai people working norm:
Say to accomplish do not change mind
Punctual completion does not be delayed

DingTai service quality policy:
Sincere courtesy  shortcut and punctual
Specification is professional Customer satisfies

DingTai - Company
Shenzhen DingTai decoration studio serves the national customers with better-quality , advanced design and operation.We have completed numerous factory buildings , markets , hotels , offices, shopping centers, room , house model ,etc..

We are honoured that from 2004 to 2006, have served German Lufthansa , Shenzhen Aviation Standard Components, and Shenzhen International Airport Freight Station, that belongs to foreign capitals and joint ventures. Also we have already finished more than one hundred sets of workshops’ decoration projects, including large-scaled enterprises’ classics,such as Huawei, Foxconn and Konka .

Foreign-funded:enterprises ( joint ventures ) service work team .

We offer omni-directional decoration service for social elites, celebrities and others with high requirements. Fine quality is the lives of enterprises. To serve heart and soul is the assurance of our development. Having excellent designers and professional project administrative staff, our company can ensure fine quality of projects. We firmly observe "Decoration Craft Approval Standard ". The operation teams, which had passed strict pre-job training, can accept the managing of company's professional engineers during the whole process.

Unique idea with innovation.

Horizontal association of arts.

Integrated design of knowledge.

And specialized style of design languages.